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TH Offer is a website that helps users navigate through the offerings of hundreds of retailers and allows them to select the best brochures from all the promotional campaigns. We regularly and promptly publish promotions and brochures from leading retailers, ranging from large hypermarkets to smaller specialized stores. Visitors can therefore find discount events from all commercial categories in one place. Moreover, they can search for discounts not only based on their favorite stores but also by specific products they need or by browsing offers from their own city. TH Offer is optimized for mobile phones as well, so you can have access to store information and promotional discounts at all times. And if you prefer applications, you can find the same information as on TH Offer in our Promotheus app, available for both iOS and Android. Thanks to our websites and applications, you can shop smartly and save your time and money.


About the authorsOpportunus company has been operating in the digital market since 2012. Starting as a small company founded in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, it has gradually grown into an international firm with nearly a hundred employees and collaborators, engaged in activities in over 60 countries worldwide. We focus on operating nearly two hundr

ed websites and applications that provide users with an overview of discount events and advantageous offers from retailers across various categories. The content of our websites and applications includes information about thousands of retailers and their stores, products, and promotions. While the core of our business is operating and developing websites and applications for end-users, our extensive database of stores, promotions, and brochures serves as a content source for our business partners, including multinational media companies. They use our detailed data to create appealing content for their own readers. Within the B2B segment, we are also developing a new product called ecPaper, designed for creating interactive digital catalogs that save costs for our clients, whether they are large or small commercial or manufacturing companies, and significantly enhance the potential of digital sales. For more information about the Opportunus company and its digital products, visit https://opportunus.cz